The Most Personalized Comprehensive Eye Exam in Boise

There’s over 150 different diseases that we can detect with our exam.

When you get a comprehensive eye exam with us you’re getting more than you think.  It’s more than a vision check. We’re able to check the health of the front of your eyes as well as the back of your eyes. Your eye exam is also going to reveal a lot about the overall health of your body. There’s over 150 different diseases that we can detect with our exam. Everything from heart disease, eye tumors, and vasculitis to diabetes, and a lot more. By using a microscope, we can detect these health issues before you even start showing common symptoms so you’re able to address the problem as soon as possible.

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How it Works

The steps involved in for our comprehensive eye exams are simple:

  1. Walk in the door 5-10 minutes before your appointment time and fill out a paper.
  2. Your eyes are dilated - or you can use our retinal scanner for the same results without the side effects of dilation.
  3. You will receive 25 minutes of in depth one on one time with our doctor.
  4. You and the doctor will discuss the findings and your general health.
  5. You will make a strategic plan for the future with the doctor.

Benefits of Our Comprehensive Eye Exam

Your eyes are the windows to your health. We say this because it’s true. We want you to have great vision and healthy eyes. But even more, we want you to have great overall health. The human body is complex and amazing - and your eyes can tell us so much about your body’s condition. A comprehensive eye exam can reveal important information about your health that even a general medical practitioner might not notice.  When you get a comprehensive eye exam with you receive:

  • Eye dilation or retinal scan that reveals the true health of your eyes
  • Microscopic detailed analysis of the front and back of your eyes
  • 25 minutes of one on one time with our doctor (twice as much as other clinics)
  • A full report on the status of your vision and recommendations for correction
  • A full report on your general health and any health warnings that should be addressed
  • Detailed eye and health guide from our doctor tailored for you
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