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Boise Family Eye Center has everything you need under one roof.

You don’t have time to visit three different places to get your eye needs taken care of. You don’t have time to visit two places.  Boise Family Eye Center has everything you need under one roof.

It starts with the most thorough comprehensive eye exam in Boise. Most places give you 15 minutes with the doctor - if you’re lucky. We schedule you for 30 minutes, over twice as much one on one personalized attention. From there we set you up with the frames, lenses, or contacts that you’re going to love. We welcome patients of all ages, from the youngest of toddlers to the oldest of our honored senior citizens.

We use some of the most up-to-date modern equipment and only work with the best labs that are all using state of the art technology. Nothing is going to get past us – because we take the time to make sure any all all problems are detected.  We’re the opposite of eye care pit stops. We know how often problems can get overlooked when clinics are just trying to see as many patients as possible every day.  Our goal is your health - not to be the busiest eye clinic in Boise.


Comprehensive Eye Exams

When you get a comprehensive eye exam with us you’re getting more than you think.  It’s more than a vision check. We’re able to find solutions to poor vision and detect over 150 different diseases that may be affecting your general health, including diabetes, tumors, heart disease, and more.


Diabetic Eye Exams

The service we’re proudest of is our diabetes eye exam. 30 million Americans are living with diabetes, and another 7 million are living with undiagnosed diabetes. The earlier you detect diabetes the greater chances are to make the corrections and get your health back. We have the experience and equipment to rule out this terrible disease.


Children’s Eye Exams

Many parents falsely believe that their child is going to just tell them if they can’t see well. The problem is your child does not know what “normal” vision is.  Critical issues such as lazy eye, uneven vision, astigmatism and even cancer, can easily go unnoticed by parents and teachers. Your children’s eye health is the foundation to their success.


Frames and Lenses

We have a wide selection of frames and lenses and will not let you leave the shop until you’re happy. Frames are very personal, and we make sure that you’re going to get the frames the meet your needs and make sure you like they way they look. We carry all types of lenses that will meet your demands and your budget.


Contact Lenses

We offer all types of contact lenses including RGP (Rigid gas-permeable contacts, extended-wear contacts, daily-wear soft lenses, and medically necessary contacts. We also offer colored contact options. We will walk you through the steps to find the contacts that are best for you.

Your eye health is too important to make it a supermarket errand.
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