Your Child’s Vision Matters More than You Realize

A child’s success in school starts with their eyes.

So many children sit in classrooms everyday in America and are struggling. Not because they’re not smart enough, or too lazy, but because they can’t see. A child’s success in school starts with their eyes. It’s estimated that as much as 80% of the learning a child does occurs through his or her eyes. Reading, writing, chalkboard work, and using computers are among the visual tasks students perform daily. A child’s eyes are equally important when it comes to social interactions.  Play and sports are critical components of child development, and if they can’t see, their development is hampered.

The Truth About Our Children’s Eyesight 

  • Eye checks at school are not thorough
  • 15-20% of school children are affected by visual conditions overlooked at school screenings
  • 1 in 4 children has a vision problem that interferes with learning and behavior
  • 60% of students identified as problem learners have undetected vision problems
  • 80% of everything children learn comes through their eyes
  • An optometrist can detect complex visual conditions in children
  • Your child’s general health can be evaluated by an optometrist
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, and life-threatening tumors can be detected by an optometrist
Childrens Eye Exams

You Can’t Wait on Your Child to Tell You

Many parents falsely believe that their child is going to just tell them if they can’t see well. The problem is your child does not know what “normal” vision is.  Critical issues such as lazy eye, uneven vision, astigmatism and even cancer, can easily go unnoticed by parents and teachers. The child thinks this is just what “vision” is. Early detection from an eye care provider is the best prevention to learning disabilities and possible future vision loss.

Your child’s well being starts with their eyes.
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