About Us Now

Dr. Brent Galvan

The health of your eye’s is our number one concern. Our passion is to ensuring that patients from all walks of life receive the highest quality eye care possible.  We are passionate about eye care because currently in the United States there are more than 25.8 Million Americans with diabetes, and 71 Million adults with bad cholesterol. As alarming as that is, there are currently 7 Million undiagnosed cases of diabetes and less than half of American with bad cholesterol get treated.  The most important fact I’d like you to remember today is this an eye exam allows eye care professionals to detect signs of more than 150 diseases, such as high-cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension, years before a patient displays other symptoms.

We believe that quality eye care  offers you much more than just clear vision. Our staff finds great satisfaction when they can provide children, young adults, mothers and fathers optimal health through clearer vision. It’s because of this very belief, we will devote the time and care your vision deserves. We recognize how precious the gift of sight is. The moment you walk into our office, our staff will do everything possible to ensure that your pre-exam is clearly explained, all of your questions are answered,  your concerns addressed and prescribed eye wear or treatment  is provided in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.  Our doctors have a combined 39 years experience treating patients in the Treasure Valley area. Dr. Galvan understands that each patient visit is its own unique encounter.  You and your family will receive a thorough ocular health assessment, as  our courteous staff is highly trained and ready to assist with your visual needs.  Trust in us to insure the quality of your vision for many years to come.